If you want to do marketing in China, Toutiao and WeChat are definitely the platforms you cannot miss. You might have already known that Toutiao and WeChat are both mobile content distribution platforms, but what makes them different? And what does it mean to business owners?

WeChat still has the most daily active users in the Chinese digital market. However, if we group all the platforms of Toutiao, its DAU could reach around 400 million.

Social VS Algorithms

WeChat as the undoubtedly No.1 platform in China has attracted the most content contributors, no matter they are companies or individuals. The philosophy behind the WeChat official account is still social networking based: readers only can discover the content either by following the creator or from friends’ sharing (moments).

In contrast, Toutiao has the most powerful recommendation algorithms, which allows it to find the readers that are really interested in your content. With the high penetration rate, Toutiao is like a channel, helping marketers target the potential customers.

Which platform should I choose?

As we mentioned above, WeChat official account is the one that you definitely cannot miss. Due to the history of China’s internet development, WeChat official account is a must-have to Chinese marketer, sometimes even more important than having a website. WeChat official account, as an inbound landing place, is also a good way to manage the public relationship as well as a stable channel to deliver messages to customers.

Toutiao, on the other hand, is a platform where you can gain new users and advertise. Because of the mechanism, there would be more exposures to your content, especially nowadays the cost to gain new followers is increasing.

Content Marketing Strategies

WeChat is a social networking, which means the content should focus on inspiring people to share it or delivering values constantly to readers so that they are willing to follow your account and receive messages from you. You also need to maintain the quality of your content and the image you are trying to build. To sum up, having your target users follow you is the top priority.

Toutiao is a medium platform with a recommendation system. How many exposures your content can get on Toutiao depends on how well the system understand your content. This requires the creator to have an excellent understanding of its target users and create content that contains reader- and system-friendly keywords.


China has many platforms which focus on different verticals, it really depends on your business model. Other than that, if you take a look at them, even similar platforms have different usage scenarios.

If you would like to know more about other platforms in China market, or you are looking for a suitable marketing strategy to do promotion in China, just contact us and get the professional advice.