Digital world has many facets. We love them all.

App- & Web-development

Professionally developed websites, iOS and Android apps help link your business with customers across different marketing segments anytime anywhere - e-commerce service, social networking, or anything you name it.

Hosting & Server Maintenance

Our professionally trained maintenance team guarantee smooth operation and performance of your IT equipment, creating a hassle-free IT experience so you can focus on expanding your business.

Product & User Interface Design

High-quality interactive platform with user-friendly design help boost your branding and marketing effort, making your business uniquely competitive.

Search Engine Optimization

Promoting your business’s online visibility with search engine optimization service, available both in English and Chinese

User Research & Marketing Strategy targeting Chinese market

With our sophisticated understanding of the vast value difference between the east and west, China and Australia, in-depth researching and marketing approaches are offered to help identify and capture potential customers home and abroad.

Key Metrics Report

Help gather data and information pertaining to parameters of how your service has been utilized and viewed by users across various segments in terms of age, gender and cultural backgrounds so as to maximize your return via learning your strengths and weaknesses.

IT Project Management

An instantaneous monitor of the project concerned to eliminate potential hazards, and quickly response to risks threatening your business.